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If you are planning a river fishing trip then you’ve come to the right place! Trikala region is known for trout fishing since the ancient times and every year there are also some “Trout” festivals going on in the villages by the White river.

Acheloos river, or Aspropotamos, or White river, is crossing Trikala region and is only 30 minutes away from Trikala city!

The river Achelous is the second longest river in Greece and is consider the “richest” in water quantities Greek river. The river begins at about 2,000 metres (6,600 ft) elevation on the eastern slope of Lakmos mountain in the Pindus range, near the village Anthousa in the westernmost part of the Trikala regional unit. The nature around the river is really stunning and there are many traditional greek villages surrounding the river where you can fish the famous trout. Some of those villages on Pindus mountains are Haliki, where is also the river head, the beautiful vilages Kastania and Amarantos, Krania and the highest village of Trikala, Stefani.

In and around those villages you can visit significant byzntine monuments, folklore museums, natural parks and traditional greek tavernas where you can taste the famous rainbow wild trout and other fish from the river Achelous. There are also five dams on the river and many places where you can camp, swim and enjoy outdoor activities like rafting and canoeing. The river belongs to the European Network NATURA 2000.

The second longest river in Trikala, river Pinios, is also appropriate for trout fishing, especially at its headwaters by the villages Klinovos, Trigona, Matoneri.

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