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Trikala, one of the most breathtaking regions of the Greek mainland, offers visitors a plethora of sports, vistas and cultural activities.

Trikala is home to Meteora, the second most important network of monasteries in Easter Orthodox Christianity. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, the monasteries of Meteora sit atop sky-scraping sandstone boulders, silent witnesses to the natural wonders of the area.

Trikala, the Prefecture’s capital city with its 80.000 inhabitants, located only 10 mi. from the Meteora Monasteries, is excellently connected to them by bus and train, every 1 hour!

If you love nothing more than combining city life with stunning parks, you’ll fall in love with Trikala town and the region’s villages. Stone bridges cross gushing rivers, winding walkways line near-urban cascading waterfalls, and trails zigzag through lush green parks.

Trikala is also the greatest commercial and nightlife spot of Thessaly, Central Greece, home of a big Athletic Education University, and the second most important commercial and financial center since the ancient times.

It is a beautiful city built on the location of ancient Trikki. The Lithaios River flows through the city which is distinguished by historical Monuments, a medieval castle, ancient theatres and Byzantine churches, excellent urban planning, spacious squares, parks and pedestrian streets.

Trikala is a city with a very interesting history, is considered by many to be the birthplace of the famous doctor Asclipios. After excavations, visitors to the region can see the well preserved mosaics that are found at the site of the old Asklipiio.

The city combines the traditional character of the region with the characteristics of a modern city with a relaxed style and many coffee shops and bars busy until the dawn and delicious local food!

After your visit to Meteora Rocks and Monasteries take your time enjoying romantic strolls along the banks of the river and its numerous bridges, walk up the Justinian Fortress and enjoy a perfect panoramic view of Meteora and the city, visit the Koursoum Mosque, a perfectly maintained mosque since 16th century, relax at the Profitis Ilias Grove, also hosting a zoo and at night don’t miss Asklipiou Street and “Manavika”, where you can find out many traditional Greek Tavernas, modern Cafes, Music Bars and Pubs and Mpouzoukia Dancing Centers.

Staying in NoMads Rooms – Trikala offers you a great opportunity to visit wonderful near-by destinations.

The fir-clad Pindos mountain range with the traditional villages is there for you to discover. Elati and Pertouli (with its ski resort) and Pyli have developed to become famous destinations with winter holiday makers. At a stone’s throw there is also the world famous breathtaking site of Meteora, a unique geological phenomenon home of the biggest and most important, after Mount Athos, Orthodox Monastic Center of the Hellenic region.

Hot spots of Trikala:

  • The ancient Asklipiio of ancient Trikki
  • The medieval fortress of the city (6th century AC)
  • The Old City “Varoussi” with its Byzantine churches and stone paved alleys
  • The “Profitis Ilias” hill with its Zoo Park
  • The Litheos River with 15 bridges
  • The “Kursum” Mosque
  • The flourmill “Matsopoulos”, park, museum and cultural center
  • The nightlife of the city at “Asklipiou” and at “Manavika”.

Cool Places near Trikala:

  • The Meteora
  • Pindos mountains
  • Elati & Pertouli Ski Center
  • Plastira Lake
  • Kissavos Beaches

What to see

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Top Sites near Trikala with Web Links

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METEORA: magnificent landscape, Orthodox Monasteries

PERTOULI: fir forest, Ski Center, Outdoor Activities

PLASTIRA LAKE: great lake in the mountains, dam

ASPROPOTAMOS: River & Traditional Villages, swimming, outdoor activities